Group Reservations

Tasting Sheldrake Point Tasting Room

At Sheldrake Point Winery we believe that group tastings are a great opportunity for friends, family, and colleagues to share a memorable experience. Groups of 8 or more people require a reservation. Depending on tastes and preferences we can tailor the tasting to meet time constraints and other interests of the group.

Contact our Tasting Room at 607-532-9401 for additional details.

Group Fees & Policy

  • $5/person for groups of 8-16 people to be paid prior to tasting.
  • Tasters will have a choice of a dry menu or a less dry menu consisting of 6 table wines and 1 dessert wine.
  • On Saturdays we have slots for group tastings at 12:00 pm and 1:00 pm.
  • We reserve the right to turn away unreserved groups, visibly intoxicated groups, and those disturbing the tasting environment for our other guests.