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  • Harvest 2015 Part II: The Fog

    Harvesting Caberent Franc on Sheldrake Point

    The dry 2015 season also kept berry size down. Both of those factors prepared me for less fruit coming in than expected as we began picking in mid-September, but the quality was really good and that weather was certainly beautiful. more»

  • How about those Greeks and Romans?

    Sheldrake Point is in the town of Ovid, named for the Roman poet who wrote so much about life and love. Other nearby Fingers Lakes towns are also named for notable ancients, both real and imagined – towns like Homer, Ulysses and Romulus. While winemaking was a developed art in the days of the classical Greeks and the Romans, their more»

  • Harvest 2015, Part I

    During those sun-drenched late summer days when we started picking back in mid-September, someone asked me about my expectations for Harvest 2015. I began my answer by saying, “Barring a hail storm that takes out the vineyard…”—because, at the time, there had been enough summer heat to nicely ripen our fruit, rain came when we need it, and as a result there was not much disease pressure on the fruit. Harvest 2015 on Sheldrake Point started out glorious!  more»