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  • Cabin fever got you down? Embrace Finger Lakes winter events

    Sheldrake Point winter events

    Sheldrake Point is just a bit north of the 42nd parallel, situated in that sweet spot of the American northeast that experiences each of the four seasons. But for even the most enthusiastic lover of snow, there is no denying that our winters can be tough to endure. So we do our part by embracing Finger Lakes winter events. more»

  • Macro, Meso, and Micro: Finger Lakes Climate

    Successful grape growing depends on knowing your climate. Our Finger Lakes climate is a critical concern in the vineyard, and so it is a serious course of study on Sheldrake Point. We know that vine survival, productivity, and fruit quality may be limited by temperature extremes in winter, or springtime cold episodes. For once, I’m not actually talking about the weather.  more»