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  • When Wine Doesn’t Taste Like Grapes

    We get this question a lot in our Tasting Room: Why do I smell and taste things other than grapes? Wine can present aromas and flavors as diverse as berries and flowers, or rocks and smoke. Each varietal is known for the presence of different aromas and flavors, organic or inorganic, which are classically recognized for that varietal. more»

  • Sheldrake Point Winery’s Luckystone Red Makes its Stage Debut!

    Sheldrake Point Winery is 20 miles north of Ithaca, New York, a Finger Lakes hub for food, wine, and the arts. Our wine is well-represented on menus throughout the city and surrounding area, but I was taken by surprise to see our Luckystone Red on stage at the Hangar Theatre early this summer. more»

  • Before We Pick: Harvest Prep at Sheldrake Point

    Julia Hoyle moving equipment

    Harvest prep for the winemakers at Sheldrake Point is anything but leisure time! There is a lot of heavy lifting and elbow grease involved before a single grape is picked. more»