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  • Wine Industry Trends: Riesling Experiments and Screw Caps

    Winemakers are, at heart, scientists. Part chemist, part botanist, perhaps even part alchemist. We are always experimenting to coax new experiences out of wine, and sharing that information. Our experiments—at least the successful ones!—could be future wine industry trends. more»

  • A Finger Lakes Wedding

    Summer wedding bells are in the air. This is a season when I can count on at least one phone call or email every week inquiring about Sheldrake Point as a wedding venue. And who wouldn’t consider the Sheldrake Point Winery property for their nuptials? A Finger Lakes wedding offers stunning lake views, the backdrop of vineyards lining rolling hills, and of course, the great food, wine, beer, and spirits of the region! more»

  • Live Music at Sheldrake Point Winery

    Summer wine tasting in the Finger Lakes has its perks. Picture it: A wide open meadow under an expansive sky. A dual view of our vineyard stretching toward the western horizon, and Cayuga Lake rippling below our hill. A picnic. A refreshing glass of wine. What more could you possibly want? Live music! more»

  • Sheldrake Point Winemaker Dinners

    The kitchen is bustling. The wine is poured. The table is set. When you attend a winemaker dinner, you are in for an experience that likely transcends all other dinner parties. Why? A winemaker dinner is carefully orchestrated by the people most intimately acquainted with, and invested in, everything on your plates and in your glasses. Winemaker Dinners Near and more»

  • 5 Reasons Why We Love the Finger Lakes Wine Industry

    It’s not hard to understand why a job—for some, any job—in the Finger Lakes wine industry would be a dream come true. Wine Club Manager Whitney Elrod and I certainly think so; we’ll let you in on how we picked this great place to make our careers—these 5 reasons why we love the Finger Lakes wine industry… more»

  • Gewürztraminer: In the Glass and in the Ground

    Pronunciation of this varietal might seem like a mouthful, but here in the Finger Lakes wine region it rolls easily off the tongue. Our cool-climate AVA is a great place to make white aromatics like Gewürztraminer, so we take full advantage of this versatile grape that we first planted at Sheldrake Point 20 years ago. more»

  • Finger Lakes Maple Syrup: How We Eat Patience for Breakfast

    It all began last fall when Fran and I were up in the far vineyard with the excavators grading the new Cab Franc block that will be planted this spring. A colorful walk in the forest made us aware of how many mature sugar maples we had, so we marked them with tape for the coming spring. Two weeks ago, we returned to that forest with a drill, taps, and 65 buckets, all bought on eBay from a guy in northern Vermont. more»

  • Sheldrake Point Winery in Winter

    It’s hard to believe that nearly four months have passed since harvest! One marker of time passing for the winery in winter is that we are now pouring our 2016 Dry Rosé in the Tasting Room. It is a welcome respite from gray days and blankets of snow, and a reminder that spring is on the way. more»

  • What’s all the Hype about the Sheldrake Point Dry Rosé?

    Sheldrake Point Dry Rosé

    If you don’t know much about rosé, or haven’t heard about the Sheldrake Point Dry Rosé, we forgive you. Many of us at Sheldrake Point, myself included, first fell in love with this wine style through our experiences with the Sheldrake Point Dry Rosé—long before we worked here! So, what’s all the hype? For one thing, we really know what we are doing. Sheldrake Point has been making Dry Rosé continuously since 1997, longer than any other Finger Lakes winery.  more»

  • Finger Lakes Ice Wine Harvest

    Once the holiday season is behind us, there is really only one other cause for celebration in our vineyard before bud break, and that is a Finger Lakes ice wine harvest. more»

  • A Glorious Harvest 2016

    The Sheldrake Point Winery harvest 2016 is complete! I sat down with my colleagues Winemaker Dave Breeden, Assistant Winemaker Julia Hoyle, and Vineyard Manager Dave Wiemann to share a toast and talk about the growing season, the fruit we brought in, and what’s next: Dave Wiemann on Drought, Timing, and Harvest 2016 It is old news now that 2016 was more»

  • Postcards from a Sheldrake Point Harvest

    It’s harvest season at Sheldrake Point! We harvested our Cabernet Franc fruit on the weekend of October 15, destined for our 2016 Dry Rosé. Everyone is pitching in, so while we are out in the vineyard, enjoy these postcards from the 2016 Sheldrake Point harvest. more»

  • Sheldrake Point Winery’s Luckystone Red Makes its Stage Debut!

    Sheldrake Point Winery is 20 miles north of Ithaca, New York, a Finger Lakes hub for food, wine, and the arts. Our wine is well-represented on menus throughout the city and surrounding area, but I was taken by surprise to see our Luckystone Red on stage at the Hangar Theatre early this summer. more»

  • Fact: Wine Tastes Better with Live Music

    Sheldrake Point Winery is located on a beautiful 155-acre property overlooking Cayuga Lake that includes a dock and small beach, a verdant hillside lawn, and cozy gardens. We think that wine tasting here in the summertime is like visiting a wine oasis. What could possibly make it better? Live music. more»

  • Boating to Cayuga Lake Wineries

    Summer is just a few weeks away, a time of year that for us in the Finger Lakes brings together two pastimes into one wonderful combination: boating to Cayuga Lake wineries. Sheldrake Point juts prominently from the western shore of Cayuga Lake. Our property extends to the beach, making our vineyard, tasting room, and artisan gift shop accessible by water. more»

  • Solar Panels & Sustainability on Sheldrake Point

    Solar energy is heating up in the Finger Lakes. It is especially gratifying for us at Sheldrake Point to see more of our colleagues join us in pursuing clean energy options. Yes, join us! We put up our solar panels in 2004! more»