Our Blog is back!

Sheldrake Point Winery Sign

The view is as a great as ever!

Did you miss us?

We’ve been right here on the western shore of Cayuga Lake, tending the vineyard and making fantastic, award-winning wines. We have also been thinking about you, our friends near and far. Beginning today, you can plan on hearing from us more often.

We want to tell you about everything happening here at Sheldrake Point. Look for behind-the-scenes insights from the vineyard and winery, staff picks, wine pairings, special events, competitions, and everything else we do while making great Finger Lakes wine.

In the coming months, you’ll hear from Dave Breeden, our winemaker; David Wiemann, our vineyard manager; Rusty Hamilton, our new wine club manager; Jamelle Callon, our tasting room manager; and Chuck Tauck, our senior managing partner. If there’s anything to know about Sheldrake Point wine and what’s happening in the Finger Lakes wine industry, these are the people who can tell you!

But we also want to hear from YOU. Let us know what you think of Sheldrake Point wine, ask us about our varietals, how the grapes in our vineyard go from bud break to your glass, or when we will be releasing our next vintages. Ask us silly questions, ask us scientific questions – we’ll have answers for those questions and everything in between!

When a bottle of Sheldrake Point wine is opened, we know it’s because you’re enjoying time with friends or family, a party, a quiet evening, a toast to the end of a long day, or you’re welcoming a new chapter. Thanks for choosing Sheldrake Point wine to be a part of your life. Stay tuned for more blog posts about what’s happening in our lives.

Chuck was attracted to the Finger Lakes wine industry during his graduate work at the Cornell Hotel School and was instrumental in the transformation of the old abandoned dairy farm to today’s winery and vineyard. As principle owners, he and his wife Fran assume the risk of the venture and personally see to its priorities and requirements.  Chuck’s focus is on the management and company systems and processes.  When not in the office, he and Fran may also be working with the staff, doing repairs, tending the gardens, or chatting with visitors.