Time for a new Tasting Experience


Wine tasting at Sheldrake Point is about to get a whole lot more interesting!

It’s time for a new tasting experience at Sheldrake Point Winery! In the spirit of education, we will be offering an opportunity for our patrons to ‘train’ their palates and olfactory nerves to detect ALL the notes that professional sommeliers use to describe wines.

For a limited time*, the Sheldrake Point Winery tasting room will add the Notes Counter, stocked with all the flavors and aromas that you need to taste like a pro!

Come on in for a lick or sniff of these common flavors and fragrances associated with wine:

Peach, Cranberry, Cherry, Strawberry, White Vinegar, Coffee, Rose Petals, Cinnamon, Clove, Citrus Peels, Green Pepper, Sauerkraut, Chocolate, Banana, Butter, and Margarine.

Plus, we’ll also stock for sampling those more unique notes, some of which help to identify a bottle gone bad:

Cedar Planks, Oak Shavings, Paint Thinner, Wet Cardboard, Wet Dog, Skunk, Tar, Gravel, Garden Soil, Pipe Tobacco, Leather, Dry Leaves, Wet Grass, Pine Needles, Rotten Egg, Burning Match, Horse blanket, Band-Aid, and Sweaty Socks.

Please note, you may sniff but not taste live creatures. For substances generally deemed toxic, don’t try at home. A legal release is available for sampling on our premises.

We hope you will come by our Cayuga Lake Tasting Room to jump start your wine tasting education with this unique opportunity.


*That limited time is never…APRIL FOOLS!

Though a buffet of fresh fruit might actually be a nice addition, of course we won’t be serving rotten eggs and sweaty socks alongside our award winning wines.

At Sheldrake Point Winery, we want to remind you that while wine analysis is an important industry skill, we want you to simply enjoy our wine.

Labeling the bouquet (aromas) and finish (aftertaste) of wine are ways for wine experts to communicate about and score a wine. However, wine tasting is a very personal experience, and ultimately you only need to know what YOU whiff from a swirl, what YOU taste in the glass, and what YOU like. What a wine tastes like to someone else is of little importance if you don’t like it. And most of all, we want you to love our wine as much as we do.

Next time you’re visiting, our tasting room manager can tell you about their experience leading tastings and how the results can vary wildly from person to person. No two people will have the same tasting experience! So, let us know what YOU taste and what YOU enjoy.

Happy April, and come see us this spring!

Chuck was attracted to the Finger Lakes wine industry during his graduate work at the Cornell Hotel School and was instrumental in the transformation of the old abandoned dairy farm to today’s winery and vineyard. As principle owners, he and his wife Fran assume the risk of the venture and personally see to its priorities and requirements.  Chuck’s focus is on the management and company systems and processes.  When not in the office, he and Fran may also be working with the staff, doing repairs, tending the gardens, or chatting with visitors.