2014 Dry Rosé: What every Rosé wants to be

Sheldrake Point Winery is pleased to announce the release of our 2014 Dry Rosé, estate grown and bottled, and made from 100% Cabernet Franc grapes. It’s what every Rosé wants to be! As many of our fans know, Dry Rosé is also one of our top selling wines. But it wasn’t always that way.

Sheldrake Point Winery 2014 Dry Rosé

The Sheldrake Point Winery 2014 Dry Rosé is out now! It’s a wine for all seasons, but enjoy it this year — Rosé is not meant for aging!

We’ve been growing Cabernet Franc in our vineyard since our earliest years on The Point. And, we’ve made Dry Rosé all along, roughly 150-200 cases per year. With recent trends, we have raised our production from 400 cases three years ago, to the current 1450 cases we made of our 2014 vintage. Despite the increase, we have consistently sold out shortly after bottling—a process I was able to lend a hand in this past year.

To be honest, bottling is a loud and monotonous process. Bottle after bottle, clinking and clanking together, with a slight machine breeze from the conveyer belt shuffling the bottles along. It really tests your mental endurance and attention to detail. The bottles are placed on a table to be filled, corked, capped, and labeled. Then, finally, inspected for fill, clarity, and label orientation before being boxed up and placed onto pallets. It is important that the bottles are as perfect as can be.

And now our 2014 Dry Rosé is flying out the door. Which has been fantastic for Sheldrake Point Winery during a time of year when wineries typically do not have many visitors dropping by to purchase wine. In fact, one quarter of our 2015 sales up to mid-March is owing to our 2014 Dry Rosé.

Growth in the Dry Rosé production has become a phenomenon. One of our neighbors on Seneca Lake has even quadrupled their production of this wine. Dave Breeden, our winemaker, tells me he’s never seen another category grow so fast in the Finger Lakes, and worldwide. It is a category that the Finger Lakes can own in the same way that Riesling has been a breakout product.

What’s all the fuss?

Our Wine Notes say it all:

“A beautiful bouquet of rose and lilac mingle with flavors of ripe strawberries. Piercing and zippy, all the way through a bright and dry finale. A perfect wine, rain or shine.”

Given the winter we’ve had, no wonder our 2014 Dry Rosé is such a hit. This is a wine for all seasons that pairs beautifully with whatever you’re enjoying, whether it be a hearty beef brisket, a cheese and charcuterie plate, a refreshing beet salad, or conversation with friends.

Dry Rosé is not meant to be aged, and you likely won’t find it on store shelves much beyond Thanksgiving. If you do, be careful of anything of a vintage year more than a year old. If you’ve had Rosé before and not cared for it, it is very possible your bottle was older than the two years maximum we recommend for consumption.

So there’s good reason to stop and take a moment with our 2014 Dry Rosé. Like a rose in the garden, the bloom is fleeting but exquisite, so enjoy this beauty while you can!

Chuck was attracted to the Finger Lakes wine industry during his graduate work at the Cornell Hotel School and was instrumental in the transformation of the old abandoned dairy farm to today’s winery and vineyard. As principle owners, he and his wife Fran assume the risk of the venture and personally see to its priorities and requirements.  Chuck’s focus is on the management and company systems and processes.  When not in the office, he and Fran may also be working with the staff, doing repairs, tending the gardens, or chatting with visitors.