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  • Sheldrake Point Growing Season Preview

    The snow has melted, the spring rains have come (and kept coming), and the soil is warming. My better judgement tells me to never try to predict what Mother Nature has in store for the coming months. Twenty years of experience on this land and taking into consideration the seasons just passed, while cradling hopes for those to come, does give me enough insight for a Sheldrake Point growing season preview. more»

  • Cabernet Franc Tutorial

    Sheldrake Point Winery Reds

    At Sheldrake Point Winery we produce distinctive estate wines that showcase the quality of our Finger Lakes vineyard. One of those grapes is Cabernet Franc. Once we plant 5.5 more acres of the variety this year that will mean Sheldrake Point will devote one third of our total vineyard plantings to Cabernet Franc. more»

  • A Glorious Harvest 2016

    The Sheldrake Point Winery harvest 2016 is complete! I sat down with my colleagues Winemaker Dave Breeden, Assistant Winemaker Julia Hoyle, and Vineyard Manager Dave Wiemann to share a toast and talk about the growing season, the fruit we brought in, and what’s next: Dave Wiemann on Drought, Timing, and Harvest 2016 It is old news now that 2016 was more»

  • Vineyard Work Takes Many Hands

    Growing season on Sheldrake Point is well-underway and this is a time of year when vineyard work means there is a job for everyone. Sometimes that job is bottling. Or prepping and assembling wine club packs. Since Sheldrake Point Winery as a business works a farm, makes and markets wine, and manages a tasting room, all of us here have at some time “changed hats” for hours or days to lend a hand outside our “standard” job descriptions. more»

  • Rooted in Sheldrake Point

    So much focus at a vineyard is on the vines and the fruit, and rightfully so! But growing always starts at the roots; if there’s magic in making great Sheldrake Point wine, it begins underground. Earth and water I’ve gotten to know a lot about what goes on under our 44 acre vineyard in the fifteen years I’ve been at more»