Vintage Notes 2013

The winter of 2013 was average in terms of cold temperatures and we did not experience any extremes.  Overall bud damage was minor with bud break close to normal in the beginning of May.  Warming occurred slowly with no spring frosts with somewhat cloudy and rainy weather during bloom and fruit set.  On average, the growing season was wetter than normal (+15%) and this encouraged shoot growth and some increased disease pressure (downy mildew, botrytis).

By the end of August the season turned much drier than normal through early October, the heart of the ripening period – ensuring a very good vintage.  The 2013 vintage experienced 2575 GGDs (growing degree days) –  a bit cooler than a ten-year average (2629).

With some sorting in the field and on the crush pad during the harvest, the vintage produced expressive wines that are medium bodied, balanced with moderate alcohol and are expressive of our Cayuga Lake terroir.

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