Shout Out to Wine Folly

In our Sheldrake Point Winery Cayuga Lake tasting room, most of our wall space is taken up with our wine displays or windows overlooking our gardens and vineyard. With what little wall space is left, we decorated with posters by Wine Folly, a group that is reinventing how we learn about wine through vibrant posters, regional wine maps, and effective wine tools.

Finger Lakes Love for west coast Wine Folly

Besides drinking a lot of different wines, learning about wine may be the most fun with Wine Folly.

Besides drinking a lot of different wines, learning about wine may be the most fun with Wine Folly. [Image courtesy of Wine]

While an east coast wine guy, I am a big fan of Wine Folly, a Seattle company, because their products help us to take a different, visual tactic to enlightening our visitors to the complex world of wine. Wine Folly is all about keeping wine education entertaining. They have a fun and quirky approach that is comprehensive, yet not pretentious or overbearing.

And, since every holiday season finds wine lovers like us searching for gifts for friends and loved ones, Wine Folly is a great place to shop.

Browse Wine Folly’s selective list of interesting and useful wine gifts and accessories.

Wine Folly is seriously entertaining

One of my favorite posters by Wine Folly, “Wine Descriptions and What They Mean,” reminds me of a New York City subway map. Another poster looks like a computer flowchart and is titled “How to Choose a Bottle of Wine.” Both posters are eye-catching, easy to follow, and evoke smiles; meanwhile, the cleverly-organized visual representation of data is a great teaching tool.

In addition to their posters and their recently published book, Wine Folly – The Essential Guide to Wine, the company also posts entertaining blogs and devotes a portion of its website to wine education where users can access over 500 articles about wine and subscribe to their newsletter. Founder Madeline Puckette, 2013 Wine Blogger of the Year, even offers live-streamed wine tastings on Wednesdays, direct from the west coast.

Wine Folly posters

Besides great views and great wines, our Cayuga Lake tasting room is adorned with Wine Folly posters. [Image courtesy of Wine]

Wine, wine, everywhere!

The world of wine appreciation is filled with so many magazines, books, and catalogs, all covering the dizzying array of wines and wine products available from around the globe. To help find your way through this crazy world, check out Wine Folly. I hope you will agree with me that these folks have created a truly fun approach to sifting and sorting through all there is to learn about the world of wine.

Pour yourself a glass of Sheldrake Point wine and sit down with your web device to browse what Wine Folly has to offer for your favorite wine enthusiast this gift-giving season.

By the way, this is an unsolicited endorsement and my personal opinion with no commission or kickback from Wine Folly. I just really like what they’re doing and felt like sending them some holiday love all the way from the Finger Lakes.

Chuck was attracted to the Finger Lakes wine industry during his graduate work at the Cornell Hotel School and was instrumental in the transformation of the old abandoned dairy farm to today’s winery and vineyard. As principle owners, he and his wife Fran assume the risk of the venture and personally see to its priorities and requirements.  Chuck’s focus is on the management and company systems and processes.  When not in the office, he and Fran may also be working with the staff, doing repairs, tending the gardens, or chatting with visitors.